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Sandi Richardson, adventurer and world traveler, has collected rare, old pieces of tribal jewelry from Southeast Asia, Morocco, India, Afghanistan, and textiles from Africa, China, and Indonesia. As a dual American-Australian citizen, she also offers opals, and unique designs by Australian jewelers.

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Chinese Vest with Goldfish Design

Imperial China

Silk, silk thread embroidery

circa 18th century


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Kashmiri Shawl

Kashmir. India

Extremely rare patchwork construction


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Sumatran Ikat Jacket

Lampung, South Sumatra

Ikat, gold applique

circa 1900


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Rare Odahni (Head Cover)

Rajasthan, India

Black silk, red tie-dye, gold "Zari"embroidery

19th century

$2,500 each

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Rare 'Kalamkari' Woodblock Print

Gujarat, India


18th century


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