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Sandi Richardson, adventurer and world traveler, has collected rare, old pieces of tribal jewelry from Southeast Asia, Morocco, India, Afghanistan, and textiles from Africa, China, and Indonesia. As a dual American-Australian citizen, she also offers opals, and unique designs by Australian jewelers.

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Kabyle Berber Fibulae
Shawl clasps)


Blood Coral, Silver

18th century

$5000 pair


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Tibetan Belt Buckles

Ladakh, India

Hand-worked Silver (repoussé)

Early 20th century

$1000, large   $450, small


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Leaf Design Wedding Belt

Lombok, Indonesia


Early 20th century



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"Saddlebox" Amulet Necklace

Southern India

Gold Wash & Silver, Rare

19th century



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Antique Silver belts, assorted


19th century

$300 to $3000


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Amber & Coral Necklaces, mounted


Red coral, amber, shells

19th century


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Assorted Tribal Jewelry,

Including India, Morocco, Tibet

Amber, silver, gold, turquoise, coral, various stones


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